​​​​Air Operations Expert Group

Expert Group Leader: Paul Sheppard
EXCOM Oversight:  John Guldahl​

Welcome to the COMNAP Air Operations Expert Group webpage. This group includes the Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPA) Working Group (RPA-WG).​

Terms of reference:

  • Continue to review and discuss best practice in regards to air operations, in support of improving safety of air operations in Antarctica. 
  • Share and discuss operational experience and information on new technology related to Antarctic air operations and associated communication, navigation, the avoidance of mutual interference, and contingency response.
  •  Review the air transport aspects of international cooperation in Antarctic science and support.
  • Continue to review developments in the use of existing or additional air links, and the use of blue ice or compacted snow landing sites.
  •  Through the RPA Working Group, reduce risk to people, infrastructure and environment in the Antarctic Treaty area, while enabling, in situations where allowed, RPA use in the area for scientific applications and science support purposes. ​ 

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