​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Marine Platforms Expert Group

Expert Group Leader: Miguel Ojeda (maojeda@cmima.csic.es)
EXCOM Oversite: Kelly Falkner (kfalkner@nsf.gov)

Terms of Reference 

  •   ​     Share National Antarctic Program expertise on Marine Science Support

ü  Create synergies among NAPs on marine research topics in Antarctica

ü  Identify co‐operative programs of scientific or technical matters that concern vessels managed from NAPs

ü  Facilitate cooperation between NAPs in the support of marine science programs

  •         Share National Antarctic Programs' facilities and infrastructures information

ü  Enable NAPs to show their capacities to facilitate marine science [Research ships, marine observatories, …]

ü  Share experiences and lessons learned in marine operations [Protocols, guidance, …]

ü  Identify and advise NAPs on new technologies in marine science support [Navigation, research equipment, vehicles (ROV, AUV, gliders), Remote sensing, …]

  •         Report and advance relevant issues regarding ships and safety navigation

ü  Extend knowledge on health, safety & environment (HSE)

ü  Facilitate cooperation and coordination in marine SAR operations 

ü  Assess and evaluate relevant recommendations and measures in regards to maritime and navigation issues

  •          Advise and inform COMNAP on maritime and marine science issues arising from the Antarctic Treaty System
  •       ​  Create synergies with other COMNAP Expert Groups.



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