COMNAP Representative (MNAP): Daniel Nunez, President UAI

                                               (DMNAP):  Nicole Caula, Secretary General



About the Uruguay National Antarctic Program


The Uruguayan Antarctic Institute (UAI)  was founded  in 1975. The UAI is in charge of programming and developing scientific, technological and logistical arrangements for the purpose of establishing the National Antarctic Program within the provisions of the Antarctic Treaty System. Uruguay has been a Consultative State within that system since 1985 and has run Artigas Station, a year-round station on King George Island, since 1984.  


Artigas Station.JPG

Artigas Antarctic Scientific Base. Photograph by Andrea Lebrato, Uruguayan Antarctic Institute.



Artigas is the main base of the UAI with about 60 personnel in the summer and 9 during the winter. Uruguay also maintains a seasonal station called T/N Ruperto Elichiribehety which was built in 1997.



Ruperto Station.JPG 

Antarctic Research Station Ruperto Elichiribehety.



The ROU 26 Vanguardia is the main ship used for oceanographic studies and logistical support to Artigas Base and Ruperto Elichiribehety Station. Other ships that usually are involved in Antarctic activities are ROU 04 Artigas and ROU 22 Oyarvide.



Uruguay Ships.JPG



Organizational Structure of the Uruguayan Antarctic Institute


The UAI is a national agency under the Uruguay Ministry of Defense. The science program is coordinated by the Chief Representative of the Ministry of Education and Culture who acts as the Chief Scientific Coordination Director. They are responsible for managing the library and data bank, conducting primary assessments of submitted projects, forming and maintaining relationships with universities and follow up on science projects.


Within the UAI, the Public Relations Department is responsible for promoting the state’s interest in Antarctica, this is primarily done through public or private education centers and other institutes.





Hercules Aircraft.JPG 
Hercules C-130 at Aerodrome Tte. Marsh. Photograph by Gabriela Rufener


Our Science Program


The UAI covers a range of science topics from geophysics, biology, chemistry, meteorology, oceanography and  mapping. The UAI  has ongoing activities of environmental monitoring, weather research, monitoring the ozone hole and monitoring potential waste and pollution impacts on birds.


UAI runs a project called the Mobile Marine Meteorology with the Service of Oceanography, Hydrography and Meteorology of the Navy (SOHMA). Their efforts to collect weather measurements and report live to ships is instrumental in navigation. There is also contribution to hydrography, oceanography and biology studies. Properties of the ocean tides are also studied with SOHMA.


The Military Geographic Service (EMS) works towards taking accurate GPS satellite observations for a number of research projects. A major one being the GIANT – Geodetic Infrastructure in Antarctica looking to determine the movement of continental plates.


Researchers come from Universities, institutes, and the navy or military. They submit proposals on their topics to be evaluated and if highly evaluated receive funding approval.


Uruguay works towards collaborative efforts in Antarctica.  For example, the results of the meteorological studies are shared with Chile and Argentina, in particular.


Links to documents and publications: www.iau.gub.uy/publicaciones/publicaciones.htm


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