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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​COMNAP Sea Ice Challenges Workshop 

This COMNAP Workshop, was held in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia on 12-13 May 2015. 

The agenda and programme can be downloaded as a pdf file here: COMNAP Sea Ice Challenges Workshop Programme final.pdf

Presentation abstracts can be found here: Sea Ice Challenges Workshop Abstracts 17 June 2015.pdf

Some of the Workshop Presentations are made available here as PDF files with the presenters permission:

Session1_Wang.pdfSession1_Wang.pdf   "China's experience with impenetrable and changing sea ice in the Antarctic"

Session2_Tamura.pdfSession1_Tamura.pdf  "Recent tough sea ice conditions around Syowa Station"​

Session1_Clifton.pdfSession1_Clifton.pdf   "Adapting to the new normal for sea ice access and operations at Australian Antarctic stations"

Session2_Crosta.pdfSession2_Crosta.pdf   "Sea ice dynamics off George V Land, East Antarctica: Beyond the instrumental period"

Session2_Hobbs.pdfSession2_Hobbs.pdf   "Antarctic sea ice changes-natural or anthropogenic?"

Session2_Raphael.pdfSession2_Raphael.pdf "Antarctic sea ice: variability, trends and 21st century projections"

Session2_Stammerjohn.pdfSession2_Stammerjohn.pdf "Comparing and contrasting regional sea ice challenges arouns Antarctica"

Session2_Reid.pdfSession2_Reid.pdf      "Sea ice trends summation: What we know and what we don't know"

Session2_Heil.pdfSession2_Heil.pdf        "Fast-ice variability in East Antarctica"

Session4_Wilson.pdfSession4_Wilson.pdf   "Rescue Coordination Centre Maritime New Zealand: FV Antarctic Chieftain"

Session5_Beg.pdfSession5_Beg.pdf       "Sea Ice Advisories for Indian Research & Supply Vessels Operating in central Dronning Maud Land

and East Antarctica"

Session5_Lin_Zhang.pdfSession5_Lin_Zhang.pdf  "Operational sea ice forecasting and nvaigation service for CHINARE"

Session5_Panowicz.pdfSession5_Panowicz.pdf    "US National Ice Center-Sea ice analysis in Antarctic waters"

Session5_Ruibo.pdfSession5_Ruibo.pdf         "Ship-based measurements on sea ice morphology during the CHINARE Antarctic & Arctic cruises"

Session5_Xiao.pdfSession5_Xiao.pdf            "Navigational sea ice analysis for the RV Xuelong in Prydz Bay, East Antarctica 2011/12 to 2013/14"

Session5_Wagner.pdfSession5_Wagner.pdf       "International Ice Charting Working Group (IICWG) collaborative Antarctic sea ice product"

Session6_Godon.pdfSession6_Godon.pdf         "Dealing with sea ice around Dumont d'Urville"

Workshop Outcomes document will be published. 

A Public Lecture “Why is the sea ice changing around Antarctica?”  given by Professor Tony Worby, ACE CRC on 11 May, can be viewed at:

http://acecrc.org.au/news/antarctic-sea-ice-challenges-trends/   ​The presentation which accompanies the video is here: Public_Worby.pdfPublic_Worby.pdf

The Workshop was possible due to support from: 

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