Ship Position Reporting System is now called the COMNAP Asset Tracking System (CATS)

The COMNAP Ship Position Reporting System has been updated and replaced by a new, more automated reporting system that is now known as the COMNAP Asset Tracking System (CATS). 

CATS has the same objectives as SPRS, that is, it is an optional, voluntary system for exchange of information about National Program ship operations and capabilities. It is designed by COMNAP for COMNAP. The purpose of the system is to facilitate collaboration between National Programs and with relevant stakeholders. 

However, technology improvements mean that the CATS does not require emails to be sent in order to update positions.  Once set up, postions can be acquired automatically from vessels and also from aircraft.

If your program is operating or contracting a vessel or aircraft that will operate in the Antarctic Treaty Area this season, and if you have not set up your positions to be automatically included, then please see "How to provide data to CATS/Data Feed Specification" at https://apps.aad.gov.au/comnap/datafeed.

If you have already set this up, and if you are a COMNAP Member, you can view the CATS by way of the app at https://apps.aad.gov.au/comnap/ (username and password will be required).

Futher questions in regards to set-up or including your vessel or aircraft, contact James Cusick James.Cusick@aad.gov.au​.

General questions about CATS, contact sec@comnap.aq

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The COMNAP Annual General Meeting (AGM) XXXI (2019), will be held in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, hosted by the Bulgarian Antarctic Institute & the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Bulgaria. The events will begin with a welcome function on 28 July and the AGM will take place on 29, 30 and 31 July 2019. You must be pre-registered in order to attend.
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COMNAP AGM XXXII (2020) & SCAR Meetings
Planning has already begun for the COMNAP Annual General Meeting (AGM) 2020 which will be held in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia, hosted by our colleagues at the Australian Antarctic Division.  Keep yourself connected to the information and updates by way of the COMNAP 2020 website.
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